Contract Manufacturing Services

We produce new radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine professionals also as a contract manufacturer. Our highly devoted team and modern production facilities offer a unique setting for the production of high quality pharmaceuticals.

Research and R & D Services

Our main focus in research and R & D fields are cancer diagnostics, cancer therapies and products for imaging of brain receptors and transporters.

We are collaborating with the best research institutes all over the world in different research projects. Our research and R & D teams offer also experimental radiopharmaceuticals to apply to your own research projects. Our goal is to support your research and enhance your understanding of radiopharmaceuticals in health care. Our commitment to research is important part of our strategy.

Sales and Marketing

Aleksis Haukka

Sales and Business Development Manager
tel: +358 40 579 3980

Aki Puurunen

Product Manager
tel: +358 40 766 4869

Elina Rasehorn

Marketing Assistant
tel: +358 14 334 5245